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Personality traits


Hire with confidence

Make sure you hire the right people with custom Behavioural Screening Interviews, backed by science

Why this?

Personality is the most important unknown factor in job performance.

There is a simple formula:

The Performance an employee delivers for you is the product of their Hard Skills and their Personality:

Skills x Personality

While Skills are quantifiable, Personality is not that easy.

Until now.

If their Personality is unknown, it can be anything from -10 to +10.

Let’s see what happens:

Skills x 10
10x Performance
Skills x 1

Discover how to make sure your next hire has the right Personality and avoid bad hires.

How it works


Ideal Profile

Define the ideal personality profile for each position

You can pick from over 30 individual personality traits to create the perfect behavioural candidate profile for the position.


Interview playbook

Generate personalised interview scripts

Our science-based questions are designed to bring to surface your candidate’s true colors


Interpretation Key

Customized questions designed to determine with certainty if the candidate is a cultural fit.

Evaluate how well the candidate matches your expectations using the interpretation keys

What you get:

Decide with peace of mind

You will clearly see how well each candidate matches your expectations, using a scientific approach and without bias.

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One bad apple can spoil the bunch

Learn more about Behavioural Profiling & Recruiting in an interactive workshop

You are in good company

What our clients say

We recently started recruiting for our legal organisation and we’re using FR to have all founders agree beforehand on what profile would be a good fit for us. Overall this gives us structure. The interview script we get from FR allows us to determine in just one conversation if we want to work with a candidate or not.

Tudor S.

Freya Recruiting solves some of the big customs of a recruitment process: profiling, focus, and executing. I’ve done lots of recruiting in my professional career, never had at my disposal something as helpful and powerful as Freya.

Alex P.

Sales people for tech startups have unique traits & abilities. Now I can better align with the founders that I work with on what traits they need for their team. This way, I can deliver qualified candidates faster. My messaging resonates with the right people. Interviews roll out smoothly and neither side feels like there’s a lamp shining in their face. This way, candidates bring out their authentic selves in our talks.

Thea G.


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3 opened positions at the same time
3 candidates for each position
1 Exclusive profile – created by our team for you
3 opened positions at the same time
$250 for each extra Exclusive profile
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10 opened positions at the same time
10 candidates for each position
3 Exclusive profile – created by our team for you (for the yearly engagement only)
$250 for each extra Exclusive profile
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“You don’t hire for skills, you hire for attitude. You can always teach skills.”

Simon Sinek


What is Behavioural Recruiting and how does it work?

Behavioural recruiting is a method that allows you to explicitly define de most relevant personality traits in your ideal candidate and measure them during screening interviews, the same way you screen for technical competences.

Why Behavioural Interviews and not Online Tests, Video Interviews, or Social Media Profiling?

Interviews are the only method that satisfies the scientific method. The questions prepared for your interviews are specifically designed to allow objective measurement of candidate's personality traits. This removes biases and establishes a scientific approach.

Can you do the Screening Interviews for me?

Can and will! Part of your onboarding is a workshop on how to run behavioural interviews, if you want you and your team to learn how to do them. You also have access to a dedicated recruiter that will assist you in getting the most out of our platform and behavioural interviews.

Early Adopter Package:

12 months

Full access (for up to 3 positions at a time) to test as many people as you need, at your own pace

2 workshops

Learn how to create Personality Profiles and practice Behavioural Interviews

1 assistant

Dedicated customer success assistant so you get the full value